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Rajinikanth's Fight

Another great movie with Rajinikanth - the mighty fighter which can beat all the evil with a chewing-gum and jogging shoes, summonning the wind by tramping.

This Tamil megastar took part in more then 150 movies including the recent international masterpiece - "Robot".

Local fan associations of Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu continuously speculated his entry in politics. Few fans in Coimbatore began a political party in 2008 for Rajinikanth, in an attempt to bring him to politics. Good man in movie must be a good politician in the real life. But after learning about this, Rajinikanth wrote an open letter to the media and declared that he had no connection with these events and warned fans not to indulge in such activities and that he would take legal action if they failed to adhere.
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Rajinikanth's Fight

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