Funny indian commercial
Indians have good and unusual sense of humor. Their commercials are full of fun.
 Indian movies
Indian movies are very unique.Fragments which you can find here can not be watched without a laughter.
 Indian music videos
In this section there are not only "parodies" on a western movies and other funny videos but also serious music.
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Indian Movies

Last update: 01/04/2008
In this section you can find Indian movies fragments - funny and foolish, old and new.

Rajinikanth's Fight

Another great movie with Rajinikanth - the mighty fighter which can beat all the evil with a chewing-gum and jogging shoes, summonning the wind by tramping... >>
1983 Karate

This beautiful fight belongs to 1983 year indian movie "Karate"... >>
Flying heroe

This is a great tamil actor - Rajnikant. He is known all over India for his superhuman power... >>
Southindian Cop

This is Tamil comedy about police... >>
The Whole 9 Yards

You thought this is a remake of a "Matrix"? You are mistaken!... >>
The Great Tractor Fight

The great actor - Chiranjeevi - fights with angry farmers using assistant improvised agricultural means... >>
Munna Bhai

This is a first-rate modern Indian movie... >>
Indian Fight

Indian martial arts... >>
Superman and Spiderwoman

Its not only an Indian Superman. Here we can see the Indian Superman together with the Indian Spiderwoman!... >>

Indian fights in movies are incredible... >>
Bullet-proof Heroe

The superheroe idea among indians is a bit differend than ours... >>
Trick with a horse

Remarkable trick... >>
Flying Glasses

Fights in Indian movies are fascinate by their fatuity and shoddy sound... >>
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